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      "May I go with you, then, and learn why?" The words were hurried, for a horseman was in front and the others had so slackened pace that all were again in group. Anna caught Flora's reply:Let us come outside, he said; Ill get you a shawl or something.

      Will you not let me put it right for you? he asked.If I had known you had been coming back to-night, I would have asked you to be my best man, said Trafford. But Ive got young Ffoulkes.

      "Ah, if we had only gone no farther!"

      Her look grew fond though she made a gesture of despair: "Oh, short-sighted! Go, give it him! Go!"



      "No?" said Madame, still moving the needle and still in French. "Nevertheless, morning and evening together, our winnings are--how much?"She is a ward of Lady Wyndovers, said Trafford.


      Oh, the gals been stolen? said the man. Well, thats no business of ours. You ought to be able to take care of your own gals.